Indoor Plant Stands

If you have a lot of house plants -- and why wouldn't you? -- indoor plant stands are an attractive, practical way to show off your prized plants. After all, doesn't your fern or philodendron deserve to be on a pedestal?

Displaying House Plants

If you're like me, you've covered every table top, shelf, and counter with plants.

That's why I love multi-tiered indoor plant stands...they offer an easy solution for styling house plants. By grouping a variety of plants at varying heights, you can turn a haphazard jungle into an orderly arrangement. Quickly. Easily. No decorating talents needed.

The Single Plant

Small plants are quite beautiful on their own. Unfortunately, they tend to get crowded together on a table, where none of them are presented to their advantage.

So, how do you make a small plant stand out?

Make one shine by placing it on a pedestal plant stand by itself. Slip the plant in a decorative cachepot to dress it up.

By rotating plants, you can make a star out of one plant that's looking its best. Put a moth orchid on the pedestal when it's in bloom. When it's not, give your flowering African violet its turn in the spotlight.

More to Explore

Time-honored craftsmanship is alive in wrought iron plant stands. Check them out.

Want something more traditional? Take a look at the wooden plant stands.

Location, location, location

Just about every room in the house offers places to put your indoor plant stands.

Choose a spot that has the right kind of light for your plants, away from heat/AC vents.

Grouping Plants

If one is good, three is better and five is, well...merrier.

Different types of plants look best when arranged in groups of three or five -- or more.

You'll be amazed at how the different leaf textures and colors can complement each other. Showcase a plant in bloom by putting it front and center.

Happy with humidity. Plants placed together on indoor plant stands not only look better, but they tend to grow better, too.

Plant groups create a humid microclimate and enjoy higher humidity levels. What tropical plant doesn't love that?

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