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Braided Money Tree Plant Care Tips, Picture - Pachira aquatica

Money tree plant care is easy. According to feng shui, money tree will bring good luck and fortune. Get tips to help your plant prosper.

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Growing Plumeria: Care Tips for Frangipani Tree

Indoor plumeria care. Discover how to grow plumeria, propagation, watering, repotting. Plumeria tops any list of fragrant flowering trees. Get to know this tropical frangipani tree with fragrant flowers. Pictures.

Continue reading "Growing Plumeria: Care Tips for Frangipani Tree"

Echeveria - Care Tips for Growing Succulents Indoors

Echeveria is a genus of succulent plants from the Crassulaceae family. Discover types of species that make good succulent house plants. Get succulent care tips for growing echeveria, care, how to propagate cuttings.

Continue reading "Echeveria - Care Tips for Growing Succulents Indoors"

Dreaming of spring? Who says we have to wait to enjoy beautiful flowers?

Even when there is nothing in bloom outdoors, it's a cinch to bring a fresh splash of color to any every room.

Did you know you can buy hyacinth bulbs already chilled and ready to grow? They're practically foolproof. Find out where to buy and how to force hyacinths indoors here and enjoy them this winter.

Mophead hydrangea boasts dazzling blue flower clusters, making it a favorite house plant.

Add a delightful fragrance with winter-blooming jasmine. Train it to climb a small trellis to show off its starry white flowers.

Put a pot of kalanchoe in a sunny window. It's a charming little plant with long-lasting flowers.

Want more ideas? Get your "flower fix" by thumbing through plant catalogs. You'll soon be dreaming up a plan for a whole year of flowers.

Gerbera Daisy Care, Plant Profile, Pictures - Gerbera jamesonii

Gerbera daisy care is easy. Just put a pot of gerbera flowers on your windowsill and they'll brighten up any room. Get tips for caring for gerbera daisies, pictures.

Continue reading "Gerbera Daisy Care, Plant Profile, Pictures - Gerbera jamesonii"

Forcing Bulbs Indoors - How to Force Bulbs

Enjoy spring flowers anytime by forcing bulbs indoors. Find out how to force bulbs such as hyacinth, daffodils, tulips and more into bloom.

Continue reading "Forcing Bulbs Indoors - How to Force Bulbs"

Bring on Spring!

Is your flower garden blanketed in snow? That doesn't mean you can't enjoy beautiful flowers - indoors.

growing daffodils, forcing daffodils, daffodil care

Spring has already sprung in florists shops everywhere. You'll find the sunny trumpet-shaped blooms of mini daffodils popping up along side tulips, in gorgeous shades of pink, purple and red.

Grape hyacinths add more than beauty to your indoor landscape...its blooms are delightfully fragrant.

Iron Cross Begonia House Plants - Begonia masoniana

Iron cross begonia is distinguished by its iron cross patterned leaves. Get care tips for growing begonias indoors, how to water, propagate and more.

Continue reading "Iron Cross Begonia House Plants - Begonia masoniana"

Guide for Growing Miniature Roses Indoors - Miniature Rose Care

Tips for growing miniature roses indoors. How to take care of miniature roses (Rosa chinensis hybrids) as house plants. Planting, pruning mini rose bushes.

Continue reading "Guide for Growing Miniature Roses Indoors - Miniature Rose Care"

Rex Begonia House Plants - Begonia rex Picture, Care Tips

Rex begonia house plants are cherished for their dramatic colorful and textured leaves. Find out how to water, fertilize, propagate and repot here.

Continue reading "Rex Begonia House Plants - Begonia rex Picture, Care Tips"

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