House Plant Care Tips

Does house plant care all seem like guesswork?

It can if you don't get to know your plants.

I know because I used to guess at what my plants needed. More water? Less sun? Should I give it plant much and what kind? Luckily, some actually survived my trial-and-error techniques.

But, there's really no mystery to keeping house plants healthy. And there's no such thing as a brown thumb, only a lack of know-how.

House plants are simply plants that once grew and thrived in their ideal natural climates. Yes, I know...they weren't just plucked from the wild and placed in a pot. Many are hybrids. AND they've been domesticated, pruned and polished before they ever enter your home. But, let's not get off track...

The "secret" to success with taking care of house plants is to create the same ideal conditions as they would enjoy in their native habitat. Unlike their ancestors in the wild, house plants are completely dependent on you for their care.

Let's take a look at some house plant care basics...

Indoor Plant Lighting
How can you tell if your house plant is getting enough light? Here's what you should know...

Watering House Plants
Do you know how often you should water your plant? Discover the signs that your plant is thirsty...or more likely, drowning.

Humidity for Your House Plants
Is your home too dry for your house plants? Check out several easy ways to raise the humidity level for your plants.

Find out which nutrients house plants need, the three things you should never do, plus how to recognize the warning signs of fertilizer overkill.

Pinching, Pruning and Cleaning: a Grooming Guide
Discover what you should do to keep your house plants in top shape, the big benefits of cleaning them, and why you should pinch your plants.

Repotting House Plants: When, Why, and How-tos
Do you know if your plant needs repotted? The best time to repot? How to do it without stressing your plant? Get the answers here.

The Real Dirt on Potting Soil: How to Pick the Right Mix for Your Plant
Find out what's in that bag of potting mix, and which ingredients your house plant needs and why.

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"My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant's point of view."

- H. Fred Ale