Wooden Plant Stands

Wooden plant stands are just right for showing off your trailing vines, sprawling ferns or small flowering plants. Their natural good looks, clean lines and understated elegance go a long way to making the most out of even the smallest house plant -- without upstaging it.

Perhaps one of the charming stands pictured here will inspire you to keep your Boston fern or creeping fig in top form. A plant stand makes an eye-catching accent for the foyer, bedroom or hall.

Bamboo Plant Stand

Made of eco-friendly bamboo, this Bamboo Plant Stand with Hanging Bar transforms a mini jungle into an orderly display. Use the top bar to hang your air plant terrariums or a small hanging basket.

Mission Plant Stand

Made of solid wood, this Mission Hall Console Table has the look of timeless craftsmanship that's sure to get attention.

With the hallmarks of masterfully designed and crafted fine furniture, this is a table that's built to last. It's a classic you'll enjoy for a lifetime, at a price you can live with.

A-Frame Plant Stand

Need more room for your plants?

This Wood A-Frame Plant Stand is the answer.

Galvanized shelf liners are included to catch drips and protect your floors.

Add pebbles to keep your plants above the drainage water and you've got an easy way to surround your tropical plants with humidity.

Pick a Good Spot

Every home offers plenty of places for your plant stands. Choosing the right spot for the right plant will help it to grow and thrive in its location.

Consider the light your plant needs and how much it'll receive in your living room, sunroom or bedroom. Just because your sun-loving cyclamen looks good in a dark hallway, doesn't mean it'll like it there.

Cherry Wooden Plant Stand

Sleek design and a rich cherry finish allows this Wooden Plant Stand to fit in anywhere.

This is the kind of piece you'd love to find at an estate sale, ready to lend character and class to your bedroom or entryway. Luckily, you've found it right here. And at this price, it's quite a find indeed.

Compatible Containers

You'll get the best impact by displaying house plants in containers that suit both the plant and the stand it sits on.

Wooden plant stands tend to be traditional and formal in style, which look best with a decorative cachepot than a basket or a terra cotta pot. This Gray and White Geometric Ceramic Planter adds a touch of luxury to any decor.

When in doubt, it's always safe to use a plain ceramic pot, or a white cachepot, such as this Set of 2 White Ceramic Vintage-Style Pots, which suits just about any decorating style and plant.

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