Mini Greenhouse

Looking for a mini greenhouse for your home and don't know where to start?

First, consider which features you need...what to skip...and find the ideal small greenhouse that's perfectly suited for growing plants indoors or out.

Why buy a greenhouse? Most house plants originated in tropical and subtropical regions where their native habitat is warm and humid year-round, without drafts and sudden temperature changes. To keep evergreen tropicals at their healthiest, they need at least 50-60% relative humidity.

In centrally heated homes, the relative humidity can dip as low as 15-20% in winter. Greenhouses provide the conditions that help tropical plants to thrive, while protecting them from heat vents and cold drafts.

Before you buy, consider where you'll place your greenhouse. Choose a good spot that not only provides ample space, but provides a high light level and warm temperature.

Another idea is to put a Window Greenhouse in a sunny room, such as a kitchen. It doesn't take up any extra space and is ideal for growing flowers and herbs. Do you have just a few humidity-loving plants? Consider a Wardian Case for your small tropicals. 

Mini Greenhouses for Sale

The Mini Greenhouse shown here is ready for growing indoors or out.

You'll love that it has a small footprint, yet provides plenty of space for potted plants and seed trays. The sturdy steel frame has a removable, zippered plastic cover. Roll up the cover to provide easy ventilation.

Outdoors, use it to harden off seedlings in spring and to protect your perennials from early frost in fall.

3-Tier Mini Portable Greenhouse

Want something smaller?

This 3-shelf greenhouse (at left) is just right for a few plants. Small enough for your sunroom, porch or patio, this portable greenhouse goes where you need it. 

Overwinter tender plants or keep up the humidity for several tropicals indoors.

Pop-Up Greenhouse

Keep your garden just a little while longer. 

This pop-up greenhouse offers an easy solution for protecting plants outdoors. Set it up in minutes -- on your patio or in your yard. It's roomy enough for your container plants.

And, it's versatile, too. The open floor allows you to set it up over existing bushes or flowers to extend the growing season.