Easy House Plants

Even if you wouldn't know a Bird's Nest Fern from a Fishtail Palm, these easy house plants will make your thumb green. Really.        

Are you looking for a happy-go-lucky house plant? One that doesn't need fussing over?

Know Thy Plant

If you want to know how much light, water, and fertilizer your specific plant needs, be sure to look it up in the House Plants Encyclopedia A-Z.

Your ability to keep house plants alive and healthy has a lot to do with putting the right plant in the right place. Even an expert can't make a shade-lover survive in a sunny window.

That said, there are many robust plants that are extremely adaptable to their environments and will bring you easy success as a house plant gardener. No prima donnas here.

Easy Houseplants

So what makes house plants easy to grow? They share these common traits:

  • Puts up with a little neglect (such as your sometimes forgetting to water it)
  • Doesn't mind dry air
  • Tolerates low light or shade (at least for a while)
  • Requires little primping, pinching or pruning
  • Resistant to insects or disease
  • If it's a flowering plant, doesn't require special care to bloom

Easy House Plants for Beginners

Ready to get growing? Check out my suggestions for low-maintenance plants:

Low Light House Plants

Here's a list of easy-to-please house plants that are perfectly happy in partial shade.

10 House Plants You Can't Kill

THE list of hardy plants anyone can grow. These feisty fighters can't be beat for their tolerance of light, water, and humidity.