Indoor House Plants

Whether you just want to understand your indoor house plants better, or you're looking for something new to grow, you'll find lots of tips and inspiration right here.

bird of paradise plant, indoor house plantsBird of Paradise adds spectacular tropical style to a sun-splashed room.

Imagine the exotic blue-and-orange crest of bird of paradise blooming in a sunny bay window ...fresh culinary herbs lining the kitchen windowsill...or heavenly gardenia filling the room with a delightful fragrance.

Think it's just a dream?

It doesn't have to be. The "secret" to growing healthy, beautiful house plants is to find out what kind of light, water, humidity and fertilizer they need and give it to them.

Do you wonder why your pothos can go a week without watering, but your purple passion plant wilts? A little know-how goes a long way to keeping your houseplants healthy. So don't assume that because your cactus loves to bask in the sun, that your African violet will, too. Get to know them.

african violets, indoor house plantsAfrican violets are so easy to please, there's just no excuse not to have one.

Choose a Good Spot for Indoor House Plants

You probably have plenty of places in your home for plants. However, placing a sun-lover in a shady corner just because it looks good doesn't mean it'll be happy there.

You'll have success with house plants if you find locations to suit their needs. Consider light levels, humidity and temperatures in each room, keeping in mind those factors can vary quite a bit from one end of the room to the other.

Money tree doesn't require much attention at all. It thrives in average home conditions with bright, indirect light. Get money tree care tips.

indoor house plantsMonstera Deliciosa, Peace Lily and English Ivy are ever-popular indoor plants.

Eye-Catching Combos

Grouping a few different types of house plants has its advantages.

Combine a variety of shapes and subtle variances of color to create a fascinating display. Take a look at these green house plants for tips on combining leaf textures, sizes and variegated colors.

Don't overlook large house plants. Displayed on their own, these floor plants make excellent focal points and add instant drama.

Shed Some Light

Plants need light for photosynthesis (that's how plants transform light into the energy they need to grow).

Most prefer moderate to bright light. If you don't have space near a window, indoor grow lights work beautifully. Grow lights coax them to grow lush and full, with good foliage color. For flowering varieties, bright light is essential for an abundance of blooms.

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