Green House Plants

With just a few beautiful, green house plants, you can make any room look and live better.

green house plantChinese Evergreen adds beautiful style to any living space. Photo: Amanda Vick

Small Plants with Big Style

Don't allow lack of space to cramp your style. Small green house plants can make a big impact, whether potted together, as the dish garden shown here, or displayed by itself on a table.

You'll love how lush foliage house plants will bring color, texture and fresh beauty to even a modest-size family room, bedroom or kitchen.

You can balance a tall plant by placing a smaller one on a plant stand on the opposite wall.

Peace and Harmony

Repeating plant shapes will give harmony to a room's decor, transforming it into a peaceful place to relax and unwind.

Use a couple fountain-shaped plants, such as a Boston fern and a ponytail palm -- or, two upright plants, like the tall peace lily and broad-leafed dumb cane.

The deep-green, glossy foliage and pristine white spathes of the peace lily brings a sense of calm to any space. And you can breathe easier knowing it does an excellent job of purifying indoor air. Best of all, this graceful foliage house plant is easy to grow.

green house plantsAdd textures and repeat shapes with tall palms and Chinese evergreen. Photo: kovacevic

Tropical Foliage Dish Garden

Green House Plants with Fine Foliage

Glorious flowers have their season, but you can't beat evergreen tropicals for non-stop beauty indoors.

Trailing ivies, cascading ferns and elegant scheffleras provide a year-round green oasis. It's a good idea, however, to add some different textures and colors to your collection.

Pot up some variegated foliage plants. Marbled arrowhead plant, Chinese evergreen and variegated English ivy are stunning on their own, but are also useful to break up the green.

Lucky Bamboo Tabletop Plant

Easy Being Green

Quite possibly the easiest plant you'll ever grow indoors, this Dracaena needs little attention to really thrive. 

Its resemblance to bamboo lends its common name, but this is a tropical plant preferring to live indoors with you. Small indoor plants like lucky bamboo act as living sculptures. Use one to add a new vibe to a sparse modern setting. Or set it in your office and get ready for the compliments.

Put lucky bamboo where it'll get indirect sunlight and keep it in water. You'll enjoy this easy-care Dracaena a long time. It's a long-lived plant and a beautiful room accent.

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