Perennial Flowering Vines

Your only difficulty with perennial flowering vines may be too many choices.

perennial flowering vines, bougainvillea flowers, bougainvillea plants

Climbing flowering vines can do wonders, adding a magnificent new dimension to your sunroom or patio.

Bougainvillea (shown at right) needs lots of warmth and sunshine to grow and flower.

This twining climber loves to bask on a sun-drenched patio. If you live where winters are cold, pot your bougie in a trellis planter so you can scoot it indoors and enjoy late-season blooms.

passion flower vine

Passion flower vine is native to the South American rainforests where it clings to the trunks of trees using its tendrils.

Warmth, direct sun and humidity will help this tropical plant to thrive. This is another warm-natured vine you can grow outdoors, then bring inside for more months of blooms in a sunny window.

Support Your Vines

Some perennial flowering vines will become woody (and heavy) over time and need good support.

Unless you live in a year-round warm climate, pot your vines in a trellis planter. Which one you choose depends on what you want your vine to do -- offer privacy to a patio, add a vertical feature, or simply give a space some color. Some planters are on wheels to make the transition indoors and out an easy one.

golden trumpet, golden trumpet vine, allamanda cathartica

Golden Trumpet (shown here) is a native of Brazil, treasured for its magnificent blooms that cover this vine all summer.

Mandevilla is also a Brazilian beauty that will love a warm, sunny spot in your home.

Another Brazil native is the twining Candy Corn Vine. Give this climber plenty of sunshine and you'll enjoy the reddish-orange-and-yellow flowers -- yep, like the candy -- all summer and into fall.

Scented Vines

jasmine plant, chinese jasmine

Add beautiful fragrance to any room with Jasmine (shown at right). Train this climber on a trellis to show off its scented, white starry flowers.

Keep Hoya plant indoors and you'll love its sweetly scented flower clusters for months on end. This is one of my favorites and is easy to grow, if kept in a sunny window.

You'll probably want to put enchanting Angel Trumpet Plant on your deck or patio for the summer to give it the light it needs to bloom. Its delightful fragrance will attract butterflies and hummingbirds as well as compliments from passersby.

Easy Plant Ties

These Reusable Plant Ties are the easiest I've found for tying stems to a trellis or other support.

Durable, Velcro tape is soft enough to hold the most delicate flower stems, yet strong enough to hold up heavy vines. No more struggling to tie knots in hard-to-reach places.

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