Trellis Planter

Want to show off your favorite climbing plant? A trellis planter offers a beautiful solution for vining plants in your home -- or out on the patio.

Cone Trellis

Take your plants to new heights and add style to your plant collection, indoors or out. This Cone Topiary Frame makes it easy for you.

This is truly an eye-catching form, ready to showcase your lush climbing ivy or radiant blooming vines.

Made of durable powder-coated steel to stand up to the weather, topped with a swirl design.

Geometric Trellis

Put the Seway Garden Metal Trellis in a big pot -- 12-inch or larger.

You'll love its unusual silhouette. Its timeless style will enhance your vines: jasmine, mandevilla, climbing roses and English ivy.

Made of rust-proof coated iron, it'll stand up to the elements. But, its geometric shape adds a captivating dimension to your indoor climbers as well.

Training Climbers

Plants that climb hold onto supports with their aerial roots or twining tendrils.

Climbers need help from you to hold onto a trellis. Training the stems is easy to do by tying them in place with string, wire or twine. Carefully weave each stem onto the trellis, tying it in place where necessary. Tie stems tightly enough to hold them in place, but take care not to cut into the stems.

Re-Usable Plant Ties are the easiest I've found for tying stems to a trellis or other support.

Durable, self-gripping tape is soft enough to hold the most delicate flower stems, yet strong enough to hold up heavy tomato vines. No more struggling to tie knots in hard-to-reach places.

Rolling Trellis Planter

Rolling Trellis Planter with Self Watering System puts your gorgeous container garden anywhere you choose. Simple design allows your climbing plants to shine -- and adds privacy for your patio, too.

Crafted of weather-resistant polyethylene

Built-in 2-1/2 gallon reservoir keeps your plants watered even when you're away

Caster wheels make it easy to move your trellis planter, and they lock to keep it secure

You'll enjoy the ease of this mobile planter. Use it for your climbing bougainvillea, roses, clematis -- or a tall plant that needs support.

Mini Scroll Pot Trellis

Perhaps the easiest solution for house plants, the Mini Plant Trellis (Set of 3) shows off your plant in classic form.

Made to use indoors to support your houseplant. Display your trellis in a small pot.

Topiary Frame

Push this Twist Topiary Frame into your favorite pot -- indoors or out.

Just right for your climbers, this frame adds a twist to the classic topiary. Use more than one to bring architectural style to a set of containers in your entryway or on your porch.

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