Terrarium Kits

Miniature terrariums are taking the garden world by storm. And terrarium kits make it easier than ever to set up your own little garden under glass.

Glass and Wood Terrarium for Sale

Create a woodland setting with the wood and glass terrarium shown here. Add your own plants and materials for a unique display.

Lift off the wooden ball to regulate humidity.

I love the look of this ultra-modern terrarium -- ideal for a scene that's sure to be admired by all who see it.

How to Care for Your Terrarium

Your plants will thrive only if there is sufficient light. Put your little terrarium near a window, but away from direct sunlight. Glass will magnify the sun's rays and damage tender tropicals.

Just the Basics

Terrarium Kit

Apothecary Jar

Already have your plants? Then all you need are the supplies shown here.

Ideal for beginners -- or anyone who wants to make it easier -- the kit shown at left includes potting soil, sheet moss, charcoal and river rocks for a good-sized container. Or make a few with small containers, like the decorative jar shown at right.

Air Plant Terrarium

The Air Plant Tillandsia Kit (shown at right) comes with everything you need for your little garden globe: tiny seashells, glass globe and air plant.

Whether growing in seashells, as the shown here, or moss or pebbles, you want to keep the roots moist at all times. To water, just spray with room-temperature water. Avoid leaving standing water at the bottom because the roots may rot if kept too wet.

It makes an easy office plant. Take it to work and get ready for the compliments.

Moss Terrarium

Perhaps one of the easiest moss terrariums you'll ever grow, the DIY Terrarium (shown here) has all the supplies you need to put it together in minutes.

Moss, potting soil and rocks fit beautifully in a cork-topped jar -- plus a figurine to add an eye-catching element to your mini green world.

Green Thumb Tip

Keep your terrarium out of hot, direct sunlight. Your tender tropicals can't take the heat.

Temperatures can soar under glass, "cooking" your plants within a short time.


These step-by-step guides offer what you need for setting up a terrarium in a small container.

You'll get lots of creative ideas here, too.

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