Seed Starting Trays

Seed starting trays are essential if you want to propagate seeds indoors. Many sizes are available to accommodate a few plants -- or a big garden. In short, you have a lot to choose from.

Most seedling trays -- also called germination trays -- have small compartments for keeping seedlings separate. This makes it easier to transplant the seedlings to your garden, or a larger pot, without cutting through their roots.

Self-Watering Seed Starting Trays

The GrowEase Seed Starter Kit (shown here) has self-watering trays with capillary mats to give seedlings just the moisture they need, when they need it. Clear covers maintain optimum humidity for your plants. Made of recycled plastic, the trays are reusable, too.

Garden Starter with Grow Light

Give seedlings plenty of light for good growth. If you don't have window space to give up for your seed starting trays, the Compact Tabletop Garden Starter® Grow Light Kit will give your garden the right kind of light it needs.

You'll also get the quick-start kit with watertight tray, two 24-cell trays, organic seed starting mix, plant markers and power strip.

This small grow light system will fit in just about anywhere. Just plug it in and start growing.

Biodegradable Cowpots

Another earth-friendly wonder! Cowpots make growing and transplanting healthy seedlings a breeze. You'll reduce transplant shock by planting the pots directly in the ground.

These biodegradable cowpots will dissolve within weeks of planting, providing your seedlings with the organic nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.