Indoor Plant Hangers

Want to showcase your favorite trailing house plant? Decorative indoor plant hangers offer quite a few options for hanging plants in your home.

Macrame Plant Hangers

Remember seeing these knotted plant holders hanging around living rooms and dorms in the '70s?

Well, these retro Macrame Hangers are making a comeback. (Did they ever really go away?)

Made from heavy woven cord, macrame knots are not only decorative, they're actually quite strong. And perfectly sized for your trailing house plants.

Be hip. Be the first on your block to get one. (Again.)

Easy to use, low-cost, light-weight. They're available in several colors and studded with wooden beads. Groovy.

Beaded Brass and Wire Hanger

Suspended from thin beaded wire, these elegant Beaded Brass & Wire Hanging Holders add charm to your airplants...and your home.

You'll treasure these indoor plant hangers for years. They're beautifully handmade of brass-plated iron and glass. Small enough to hang anywhere, or group them to suspend over a table.

Sky Planter

Give your plants a lift and add color to any space with the clever Sky Planter.

Smart space-saving pots are watered from the top with a water reservoir. Ideal for trailing plants.

Made of white recycled plastic.

Includes ceiling hook, extension wire and all the how-tos.

Indoor Plant Hanger Tip

Choose a container with an attached saucer to catch drips. That way, you can water indoors without fear of damaging your floors and furniture. Many plastic and ceramic containers have attached saucers.

What about those decorative containers that don't have drainage holes? Use them as cachepots. Slip a plain nursery pot with drainage holes inside the decorative container. Place some pebbles in the bottom of the cachepot to keep the pot above any standing water that drains out. I do this for some of my house plants and it has the added benefit of adding humidity around my plants.

Self-Watering Planter

This Self-Watering Hanging Planter waters your trailing plants for you.

Hang this planter in any room -- or on your patio. Patented hanger swivels 360 degrees.

This 12-inch pot has a reservoir to water your plants just when they need it.

Hanging Ceramic Pots

The modern design of these Ceramic Hanging Planters allows you to display small succulents or air plants on just about any vertical surface.

Tip: Slip a plain nursery pot inside this container for easy watering and to allow drainage. These planters don't have drainage holes.

It's a set of 3. Check them out.

Don't Hang Your Plants Out to Dry!

Plants grown in hanging baskets tend to dry out fast. Because heat rises, the air is warmer and drier near the ceiling...and that affects your plants.

Check the soil often and don't allow it to dry out. Flowering plants, especially, and ferns like constant moisture.

Copper Wire Globe

Adding a flourish to any room just got easier. Leave it to the Copper Wire Hanging Basket to add instant style.

Simply insert a moss basket liner and fill with your favorite tropicals or succulents. Although both are shown here, it's best not to mix them because they have different light and watering needs.

Or try this: fill your basket with holiday greenery and ornaments. Your basket can be as unique as you are!

Metal Cube

Give a houseplant a new dimension.

Suspend your smallest plant in this ultra-modern Metal Cube Frame with Ceramic Pyramid Planter.

You can remove the ceramic planter for easy watering.

An adjustable chain is included for displaying your new cube indoor plant hanger.

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