Hanging Terrarium

Want to add fresh, breezy style to a room? Try a hanging terrarium. With these suspended planters, you can easily give your indoor plants a new look, while avoiding a cluttered grouping of plants on the coffee table.

Hanging Prism Terrarium

Hang a few mini terrariums together and you've added a captivating dimension to a room at eye-level. These living sculptures add eye-catching textures and pops of green that is sure to capture attention.

How to Care for Your Hanging Terrarium

Keep in mind your plants will thrive only if there is sufficient light. Hang your little terrariums near a window, but away from direct sunlight. Glass will magnify the sun's rays and damage tender tropicals.

Whether growing in pebbles, as the Air Plant Terrarium Set with 2 oz. Fertilizer, or sand or moss, you want to keep the roots moist at all times. To water, soak the plant with room-temperature water for about an hour, then return it to its terrarium. Avoid leaving standing water at the bottom of the terrarium because the roots will rot if kept too wet.

Because their roots are so small, air plants take in moisture and nutrients through their leaves. Feed them with a foliar spray fertilizer specially made for air plants.

That's it! Care is easy. Your plants will flourish, nestled in their humid environment.

The Gold Starfish "Under the Sea" Terrarium (shown at left) comes with everything you need for your little garden globe: beautiful Red Abdita Tillandsia with a shimmering gold starfish amidst a sea of turquoise pebbles in a 6" glass terrarium.

Hang it above the kitchen sink, where you'll never forget to water. It makes an easy office plant, too. Take it to work and get ready for the compliments.

Change things up with a Teardrop Terrarium Kit.

Kit includes pebbles, moss, air plant, and a glass terrarium in an interesting new teardrop shape. Subtle ripples and bubbles in the glass are part of its charm.

These terrariums look spectacular when displayed together.

It also makes a great gift -- even for those who profess they can't keep plants.

Green Thumb Tip

Keep your hanging plants out of hot, direct sunlight. Your tender tropicals can't take the heat.

Temperatures can soar under glass, "cooking" your plants within a short time.