Types of Lily Flowers

Want to make a big impact with little effort? Consider the types of lily flowers here -- their showy blooms add long-lasting beauty to any room.

Best of all, they're surprisingly easy. These lilies are warm-natured, growing from bulbs that don't need a winter's chill to bloom. Just pot 'em up and wait for the spectacular show. And I may as well admit it right here. Many of these charming flowering plants aren't in the Liliaceae family, but are tremendously reliable and worth adding to your collection of indoor plants.

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Lily of the Valley

This familiar garden plant has a lot to offer. Its beauty and fragrance make it a delight to grow.

The only thing I don't like about Lily of the Valley is that it spreads quickly and can take over the garden. Fortunately it's easy to contain these vigorous growers -- they thrive in pots and make gorgeous house plants or shaded patio plants.

Lily of the Valley grows from rhizomes that are easy to find in nurseries and sometimes already in bloom at florist shops. Grow them indoors any time of year.

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Kaffir Lily

Bright and beautiful Kaffir Lily is in the same family as amaryllis, and is just as easy to force into bloom indoors.

These Clivia miniata hybrids produce big clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers in orange, pink, red, yellow or white.

spider lilies, types of lilies

Tropical Lilies

Spider Lily (shown at right) is another dependable bloomer in the amaryllis family. Its long, narrow petals radiate from the center, creating a dramatic look.

The Amazon Lily is a rare South American tropical from this same clan. Its snowy-white star-shaped blooms are dazzling...and sure to get attention wherever you display it.

Need more space for your flowering plants? Indoor plant stands offer an easy solution. Take a look at these new ways to display your indoor plants.

lilium longiflorum, easter lily care, types of lily flowers

Easter Lily

One of the most popular lilies to grow indoors is the Easter Lily.

Their natural bloom time is summer, however greenhouse growers force these big, trumpet-shaped lilies into flower in early spring to be sold as holiday gifts.

Consider these types of lily flowers temporary house guests. Its true home is outdoors so it'll need to be transplanted in your garden bed or border after the flowers are spent. You'll enjoy many more years of flowers from this plant, although in summer not spring.

types of lilies, pink calla lily

Pink Calla Lilies

Slender pink spathes surrounded by a lush fountain of foliage makes pink calla lilies a beautiful addition to any room. 

Native to South Africa, these charming pink flowers are easy to please indoors, preferring average room temperatures and humidity. You'll find these types of lilies for sale already in bloom, but they're also easy to grow from rhizomes.

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