Terrarium Supplies

Get terrarium supplies to make your own small garden-in-a-jar. From glass bowls and jars to the finishing touches, planting a terrarium is easy when you have everything you need at your fingertips.

The Gazebo Tabletop Terrarium (shown here) is a beautiful start. You'll find all the supplies you need right here to put your terrarium together in minutes.

Shed Some Light

Your plants will thrive only if there is plenty of light. They need light for photosynthesis (that's how plants transform light into the energy they need to grow). Most grow best in moderate to bright light. It's a good idea to choose plants that have the same light preferences. 

Set your terrarium near a window, but away from direct sunlight. Your tender tropicals can't take the heat. Temperatures can soar under glass, "cooking" plants within a short time.

Terrarium Glass Bowls and Jars

Want to design your own? Glass terrariums make beautiful vessels for growing indoor gardens. Add your own humidity-loving plants to these magnificent glass bowls.

Choose a container made of clear glass. Tinted glass will filter the sun's rays -- and that won't allow photosynthesis that plants need to grow.

Open or closed? That's up to you. Just keep in mind that open bowls won't hold in moisture as well as lidded jars, so plan to give those plants a drink more often.

Terrarium Kit with 3 Plants

Ideal for beginners -- or anyone who wants to make it easier -- the kit shown at left includes potting soil, sheet moss, charcoal and river rocks for a good-sized container. Or make a few with small containers, like the decorative jars shown here.

Terrarium Supplies - Decorations

Use pebbles to create a garden path in your miniature green world. Or you can sprinkle them around plants for a finished look.

Small decorative touches will give your terrarium a focal point...or just add more interest. Put in a small mirror to resemble a glistening pond. Or perhaps a birdbath.

Whatever accessory you choose, keep it small and don't overdo it. If you're planting a tiny terrarium you can easily pack it too full. It's a good idea to keep your mini garden design simple to showcase your beautiful plants.

Need inspiration?

These step-by-step guides offer what you need for setting up a terrarium in a small container. You'll get lots of creative ideas here, too.

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