Indoor Plant Sconces

Tropical plants trailing from wall plant sconces are popular and it's easy to see why. Their cascading foliage and flowers lend a graceful look to a room and draw your eye upward.

Teardrop Wall Planter

Give even the smallest plant big style. This Ceramic Teardrop Planter makes an unexpected plant container that's sure to grab attention.

  • Wall-mountable (or hang it with string)

  • Made of white ceramic

  • Invisible mounting

Geometric Plant Sconces

Add a little greenery to any room with these Geometric Plant Sconces (Set of 2).

Made of white ceramic and brass, it's just a scant 4-1/2 inches wide, making it ideal for small plants. Display tillandsia or haworthia, which stay small (at least for a while). Be sure to hang these sconces where your plants will get enough sunlight.

This elegant pair is sure to complement your decor.

Growing Tips for Indoor Plant Sconces

Shed some light. Place your sconces near a window to give them the light they need to grow. If you have sliding glass doors or a sunroom, you can create a transition between an indoor room and the outdoors with these hanging planters.

Don't let plants dry out. Hanging plants tend to dry out fast. Because heat rises, the air is warmer and drier near the ceiling, and that affects your plants. Check the soil for moisture often.

Prevent water damage. Water hanging planters slowly to avoid water overflowing the container. What about sconces with drainage holes? Slip a plain plastic pot (without drainage holes) into the decorative sconce or use a plastic liner to prevent damaging walls and floors.

Talavera Wall Planter

You'll want to give the Talavera Large Wall Planter a place of honor in your home. Handpainted in a bright motif, you'll enjoy this ceramic planter for years to come.

Alluring all on its own, this decorative sconce is big enough to hold a larger plant. Pothos, heartleaf philodendron or English ivy looks beautiful spilling over the side of a wall planter.

Fleur De Lis Wall Planter

Liven up any room with with the Fleur De Lis Wall Planter.

Made of powder-coated metal and aged to look like an antique, this French-style planter is sure to capture attention from all who see it. Inspired by the Biltmore House furnishings, this distinctive piece will lend aristocratic flair to your home. Use it for everyday or for a seasonal display.

Ceramic Wall Sconce

Lend artful style just about anywhere with this Ceramic Wall Planter.

Beautiful blue and white design gives traditional style to rustic ceramic. Use it indoors or out.

Ideal for a small plant, it's just perfect for adding a burst of welcome color to your entryway, sunroom or patio. (And it's more affordable than you may think.)

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