Indoor Watering Can

Need an indoor watering can? You'll find a variety here to suit your house plants -- and your style. Choose from plastic, copper or stainless steel. You have many decorative watering cans to pick from. Like Danish Modern? Whimsical? Vintage charm? You're sure to find just what you're looking for here.

indoor watering canHere's a stylish watering can you won't want to put away. Photo © Olha Kryvosheieva

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Small Indoor Watering Cans

Plastic Watering Can

IKEA Watering Can

This stainless steel and plastic watering can (shown at left) is rust-proof and durable with superior craftsmanship so it's made to last. What I like best about it is the long, narrow spout that pours directly where I want water, without any spills.

Clear enough to see the water line, this modern-style indoor watering can is made of light-weight plastic. And you'll love this -- the round handle gives you easy control.

Want something stylish? Showy yet small, the watering can at right is easy to keep close at hand, while adding contemporary style to plant care. Crisp and sleek -- and ideal for giving your smallest house plants a drink.

Beautiful Metals...Copper, Stainless Steel and Brass

The hammered Stainless Steel Watering Can (shown here) makes all your indoor watering chores, well...less of a chore. You'll actually enjoy reaching for it when it's time to water.

Haws Mini Watering Can

Heirloom Quality

Just about the finest quality you'll find anywhere -- this Haws Mini Watering Can is one you'll treasure for many years.

Made in the Old-World tradition with fine craftsmanship you can appreciate.

The copper ages to a rich, warm patina, giving this classic indoor watering can more charm the longer you use it. It's sure to become a family heirloom.

A Touch of Brass

Don't settle for ho-hum. This classy watering can is one you'll love using...and you won't want to hide it away when you're done. Find a place to display this elegant beauty in your home.

Perfect for your indoor plants, Precision Brass Watering Can holds about 3 and a half pints of water. You'll also appreciate the long spout that reaches directly where you want to water.

Made of solid-brass, it's a quality watering can that will stand up to years of use.

Decorative Watering Cans...Splashy and Just Plain Fun

A Mouse for Your Houseplants

Give your home or porch a touch of whimsy with this Mouse Watering Can.

Crafted of hammered steel, this mouse is practically a work of art. Mouse ears and whiskers give it personality. Go ahead and use it -- it's fully functional with a rust-resistant finish.

Go Retro

Dashing in a vintage style, this small Retro-Style Watering Can (at left) adds a splash of color to your watering chores.

Don't like red? It's available in many more colors.

Watering Tip

Don't water on a schedule. Watering every Monday may be convenient for you, but it could dry out -- or drown -- some of your plants.

Instead, check the soil of your potted plants. And, don't assume they have the same needs for moisture. Each plant, type of soil, and pot that it's growing in varies, and so does the amount of water needed.

The only sure-fire way to maintain the right amount of water is to get to know your plant's specific needs.

Haws Mini Watering Can

Handcrafted in England, this Haws Mini Watering Can is a pint-sized version of the Haws classic.

The long, slash-tip spout allows for drip-free pouring. The powder-coated finish protects it and makes it shine.

This is truly a good value for such a high-quality watering can that you'll actually enjoy using. (Just don't overwater your plants!)

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