Herb Planters

Choosing the right herb planters will not only keep your plants healthy, it'll make the most out of a small amount of space.

Location, Location, Location

Kitchen windows usually offer enough sunlight to keep your plants thriving.

Windowsills provide space with direct light. If that's not an option, grow your herbs in a sunroom or other sundrenched area in your home. Choose a spot that has the right kind of light for herbs, away from heat/AC vents.

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Grouping Herbs

Whether you're growing three pots of basil or a variety of herbs, they tend to look best when grouped together.

You'll create continuity by putting different types of herbs in the same type of container when you're displaying them together.

Choosing an Herb Garden Container

Although you can't fit in a big quantity of herbs, you do have a range of options.

Many different types of containers can be used for growing herbs -- terra cotta, plastic, even self-watering pots. You can use a wooden box or basket, if you like. Just use it as a cachepot -- a decorative container used for covering up a plain pot.

Triflora Hanging Herb Planters

Create an easy window garden with this Hanging Planter for Window Herb Garden.

Keep your culinary herbs close at hand, while adding fresh, new style to your sunny kitchen.

Adjustable rods hang from a vertical metal rod to fit a 24-inch window.

Just slip 3-inch plant pots into the durable melamine planters -- no repotting needed!

Self-Watering Mini Pots

Here it is -- a foolproof way to start herbs!

Each of these Self-Watering Mini Planter Pots (3 Pack) has a built-in reservoir that draws water up just when your herbs need it. You'll also get potting medium and germination bags. All you need are the seeds.

Just big enough to keep some of your favorite herbs at hand, yet it's small enough to fit on your windowsill. You'll love the vibrant colors, too. Choose from purple, green, blue, pink, white and many more.

Tea Cup Planter

Beautiful and practical, the Peacock Feather Tea Cup Planter is just the pick-me-up your herb plant needs.

This pretty planter features a drainage hole for healthy root growth. The matching saucer catches drips to protect your furniture.

Galvanized Herb Garden Set

These eye-catching Galvanized Herb Planters with Tray holds 5 of your favorite culinary herbs in ultra-popular farmhouse style.

  • Keep your favorite cooking herbs close at hand
  • Narrow enough to easily fit on your windowsill
  • Makes a great gift for gardeners and cooks
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