Wood Rain Barrel

You may be able to still smell a faint whiskey or wine aroma from a wood rain barrel. One thing is for sure, though -- its rustic, old-fashioned appeal will last and last.

Keep a watering can near your rain water barrel. It'll be handy for watering your house plants. Just remove the barrel lid and dip the can to fill it up in seconds.

Wood Rain Barrels for Sale

In a high-tech world, there's still something captivating about a genuine wooden barrel. Perhaps it is the rugged durability... or the unspoiled, rough-hewn character that connects us to simpler times.

Fortunately for us, it's easy to get a hold of one of these wood barrels. The Oak Wood Wine Barrel (shown at left) is an authentic wine barrel. Made from 1-inch thick solid oak, it is strapped with galvanized steel hoops, making it water-tight for catching the rain.

This authentic Wine Rain Barrel has been repurposed as a rain barrel, yet has kept its good looks.

  • Made of recycled oak wine barrels
  • Brass spigot at bottom connects to your garden hose for easy watering
  • Overflow hose on back of barrel can be connected to a second barrel

Divert water from your downspout into this whiskey barrel look-alike to capture rain water.

Made of extra-tough, BPA-free polyethylene, the Rain Water Collection Barrel is rugged and durable. It's big, too...holding 50 gallons of water. The flat-back design saves space, and the bottom spigot makes watering your garden a breeze -- just hook up your garden hose to the brass spigot.

Why Use Rainwater for Plants?

Besides saving money on your water bill, you'll give your plants -- indoors and out -- good quality water to drink.

Tap water is often laden with mineral salts that can be damaging to plants. Use a water softener? It will also add sodium to your water. Hard water will leave lime deposits on leaves, so it can harm plants too. 

Rainwater is clean of minerals, salts and even chlorine that is added to some public water supplies.