Rain Water Barrels

Rain water barrels offer an eco-friendly solution for watering plants -- indoors and out.

You have quite a few options. From wooden rain barrels to plastic, rain barrels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and decorative styles. They all help to conserve water and save you money.

Here you'll discover tips for using rain barrels, how to choose the best one for you, plus find out which time-and-effort-saving rain barrel accessories you need.

Rain Water Barrel Buying Tips

  • Choose a rain barrel with a spigot or hose connector near the bottom for easy access.
  • Use a cover or screen to prevent debris from falling in. Leaves and twigs that wash off your roof will clog the drain valve if not filtered.
  • Buy a barrel that is opaque to keep out the sunlight and discourage the growth of algae.

Wicker-Style Rain Barrel

Do your plants a big favor: collect natural, chemical-free rainwater to help them thrive.

The Nantucket Rain Saver Barrel comes complete with lots of great features, all in a decorative wicker-style barrel:

  • Huge 50-gallon capacity
  • Safety grid and removable debris screen
  • Dual spigots for hose and large watering can fill-up

You can even use the top recessed basin to show off a potted plant.

Rain Water Barrel

Want practical and good-looking, too?

This big 75-Gallon Rain Barrel is a shapely alternative to ordinary rain water barrels.

Made of tough, scratch- and chip-resistant polyethylene, this rain saver looks like an old-fashioned stoneware jar and has sturdy feet at the bottom to stabilize it.

These rain water barrels are a stylish way to collect free rainwater. Put one to good use...you'll save money, conserve water and treat your plants.

Why Use Rainwater for House Plants?

Green Thumb Tip

Keep a watering can near your rain water barrel. It'll be handy for watering your house plants. Just remove the barrel lid and dip the can to fill it up in seconds.

Plants like rainwater because it's naturally soft and chemical-free.

Tap water from public water supplies often contains chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that can harm plants. And if you use a water softener, you're adding harmful salts to your plants, too.

It's a good idea to flush your plants with water every few months to remove the chemicals that build up in the soil.

No downspout? The decorative copper rain chain is a beautiful solution to tame downpours and capture rainwater. Attach this decorative Fluted Flower Pure Copper Rain Chain to your gutter and it will direct rainwater gently into a rain barrel.

Wooden Rain Barrel

Wooden rain barrel? Most people will think so. This Flat-Back Rain Barrel, Woodgrain is actually made of 100% recycled polyethylene, with a textured finish that looks like weathered oak.

It holds a big 50 gallons, yet snugs right up to the house thanks to its space-saving flat-back design.

The whiskey barrel-style complements traditional home designs -- and this one has all the features you want:

  • Brass spigot for filling watering cans
  • Built-in screen to filter debris
  • 50-gallon capacity

Want an authentic wood rain barrel? You'll find them here.