Exotic Indoor Plants

Why not go wild with some exotic indoor plants? Animal patterns, colors and textures are anything but tame.

elephants ear, alocasia amazonica

Are You Game?

Rule the plant kingdom with tropical Elephant's Ear (shown here). Its scalloped green leaves are beautifully marked with silvery white stripes, giving this plant a commanding presence.

Furry rhizomes make the Rabbit's Foot Fern an eye-catching accent. Put it in a hanging basket to show it off. You'll also want to hang up the Staghorn Fern for all to admire. One look at its big, antler-like fronds and you'll know where it got its name.

In the tropical rainforest, the Zebra Plant thrives in high humidity. Set it on a humidity tray and you'll help it thrive indoors. Striking foliage and bright yellow flower spikes make this Brazilian native spectacular in the home.

tiger orchids, exotic indoor plants

Dramatic yellow blooms with reddish-brown stripes lend Tiger Orchids their ferocious name. Keep this orchid happy, and you'll enjoy those exotic flowers a long time.

Exotic Plants for Sale

Buying Tip

You can find exotic plants for delivery from online plant nurseries.

Ordering potted orchids, anthurium, bromeliads and other exotic plants and flowers is a fast and easy way to grow your collection.

orchid care

Take a Stand

Running out of space for your house plants? Indoor plant stands may be just the solution. Take a look at these new ways to display your indoor plants.